Pilot Cutter Review 2011

Seen here are four pilot cutters coming round the turning mark to go out on the 2nd circuit of the course. The order as they approach the turning mark is Alpha to windward of Cornubia followed by Mascotte to windward of Marian. They where about five minutes behind the lead pilot cutter was Edith Gray newly launched in Bristol and making a name for herself at the Pilot Cutter review.

Watch the last pilot cutter Marian as she take the turning mark on the inside and overtakes three pilot cutters in one neat move.

Marian held on to her second position for the rest of the race.

Congratulations to Edith Gray for winning all four races and being the Champion Pilot Cutter for 2011.

This was the Fifth Classic Sailing Pilot Cutter Review. The Event starts in Fowey on the Thursday evening with a Tribute Beer, cheese, bread and apples, Thanks to St Austell Brewery for the Tribute Beer. On Friday there is a 24 mile Race from Fowey to St Mawes. On the Friday night there is a paella and social evening in St Mawes Social Club. On Saturday there are morning and afternoon races either in the the Falmouth Roads or in Falmouth Bay, 11am and 2pm start times from St Mawes Harbour entrance. Saturday evening there is a DIY Barbecue at Turnaware Point and Pontoon. There is a 2pm Race on Sunday again starting from St Mawes Harbour entrance. This year we had to sail out into Falmouth Bay as there was a charity swim from Pendennis Castle to St Mawes Castle. You can see St mawes Castle in the background of the video. (Debbie did the swim in 48 minutes which is a very good time and so far she has raised £120 for the Royal National Lifeboat Institute, RNLI.)

2012 Dates are as follows
2012 Classic Sailing Pilot Cutter Review
Thursday 24th May 2012 7.30pm Welcome in Fowey
Friday 25th May 2012 Tribute St Austell Brewery Passage Race from Fowey to St Mawes
Saturday 26th May Racing in the Fal
Sunday 27th May Racing in the Fal.
Prize Giving in St Mawes Sailing Club in the early evening of the Sunday"

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